Oh, The Horror!!

Sad Nanners

I’m sad to report that Nanners is not doing well.  It all started when one of the kiddos dropped a library book on him and knocked him silly.  I straightened him back out and made sure he was stable.  By yesterday evening, he was looking rather droopy.  I put him out on the deck today to get lots of yummy sunshine, but it doesn’t appear to have improved his spirits any.  I hope he bounces back!  I was so looking forward to his little bananas (I think I mentioned he is a producing banana tree).  Anybody have any advice that may make Nanners a happy camper?

Sad Cucumbers

I attempted to transplant the cucumber seedlings from coir to Hydroton, but they don’t seem to be taking it well.  I don’t know if they still needed their little seedling attached, but it fell off both of them when I was washing their roots.  They got some Quick Start root booster in their new homes.  Poor little buggers are all wilty and unhappy.  😦

On a happy note, all of the other plants are looking happy and healthy at this point.  The Mater1 and Mater2 are looking exceptionally vibrant.  We’ll keep an eye on the unhappy plants and see what we can do for them.


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