New Friends


Welcome three new friends to the air purifying brigade!  First up is a lucky bamboo (which isn’t really bamboo at all).  Dracaena sanderiana is extremely easy to care for.  Just pop it in water and keep it out of direct sunlight.  These often look great in a pot of well wetted little rocks.  I currently have Lucky in an antique bottle, which I think he looks great in, but he may suffer in there due to the nature of the neck of the bottle.  Oxygen flow will be almost non-existent.  I am debating leaving him in there to see if it really is a problem for a plant such as he.


Next up is Porthos, a golden pothos plant.  These are a pretty common houseplant and generally easy to care for.  I picked this leafy guy up at Walmart for $6.  The golden pothos at Lowes were of similar size and in similar health, but cost $14 and change.  I went with the chick’s advice, “cheap, cheap, cheap”!


Finally, meet Heather.  I spotted bunches of this most interesting plant in the yard out by the barn.  I hadn’t seen them before, but we’ve had a strange year with floods in the fall and drought early in the summer.  I believe it to be a Eupatorium capillifolium, more commonly known as the elegant feather dog fennel.  These grow multiple stalks like this one from a single root, but I wanted just one.  The root was L shaped, so I couldn’t center her well in her jar (which was all I had on hand big enough).  I plan on getting something bigger for her to hang out in, but I think the gallon pickle jar suits her.

Welcome to the family, Lucky, Porthos, and Heather!


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