Mourning the Maters

The Maters have drowned.  One of my dear children wanted to help and watered the Maters for me.  I didn’t know about this help until it was too late and both maters were found shriveled and laying at the edge of their jars.  They have since grown crunchy, a sure sign of their demise.

I may have mentioned this already, but roots need oxygen.  In hydroculture, the water level sits below the roots with the hydroballs delivering liquid and nutrients to the plants via capillary action.  This ensures that the roots get everything they need.  If the roots are submerged, the water must be in motion to retain sufficient oxygen for the roots.  So, when my well-meaning kiddo added water to the Maters’ jars the water level rose above the roots, suffocating them.

RIP Maters.  We hardly knew you, but you will be missed.


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