The Not So Flowering Cactus

I’ve never purchased a cactus before.  I once had a traumatic experience with one.  As a teenager, I worked for a cleaning company.  I was cleaning a house full of houseplants, including little cacti, when one was knocked from the table.  I saw something falling and, reacting quickly and without thinking, I reached out to grab it.

Yea, bad idea.

I have had no desire to own a cactus since.  But I was recently browsing the plant offerings at my local Home Depot when I came across a nifty little cactus with pretty blue flowers.  “What a fantastic contradiction,” I thought and bought it.

The label on the plant provided no name, so I diligently researched the plant online, trying desperately to find what this cactus could be.  Guess what I found out?  It’s a Fairy Castle Cactus and it doesn’t bloom blue flowers.  It turns out those pretty little blue flowers aren’t flowers at all, they are made of straw and glued onto the cactus.  So, next time you’re shopping for a cactus, just remember to check for glue blobs under the flowers.


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